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Wild asparagus: omelette and a creamy risotto

by Gogo on March 21, 2009

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This year the spring is coming unusually slowly. It is still cold, it rains often and, to make things even worse, last week we had an orcanic bura wind (speed more than 130 km/h!) that totally blocked roads to Dalmatia and kept the islands on its own for days. Nevertheless, I can say that the spring is here since today I went foraging for wild asparagus (hr. šparoge) on the coast near Medulin, very near to autocamp Kažela.

Wild asparagus, divlje šparuge

It was so fun! Picking asparagus is surely the oldest outdoor activity on the Adriatic coast, kind of foraging for mushrooms, but šparoge are much more difficult to spot among the briars and bushes. They are green and thin, so your eyes really have to be trained. They say in few hours you will become an expert, but be aware that some people are just not gifted to see any asparagus.

Here I come with two traditional recipes with wild asparagus. You can try to use cultivated green asparagus for replacement, but before they need to be vapor cooked for 5 min. For the following recipes we will use only the soft and tender part of the plant, that means by hand you have to chop it in 2-3 cm pieces, starting from the top, until you feel they become hard. Do not throw the woody ends away since you can make an excellent soup or paté.

Wild asparagus omelette / Fritaja sa šparogama

3 eggs, 100 g of tender parts of asparagus, 50 g of prosciutto, extravirgin olive oil, salt

Beat the eggs, add salt. Heat a large sauté pan, oil it with extravirgin olive oil, add prosciutto and asparagus, stir fry on medium heat until asparagus get tender (5 min is usually enough). Increase the heat to maximum, add eggs and stir them to get a tender creamy consistence of omelette.

Wild asparagus
risotto / Rižoto sa šparogama

A creamy wild asparagus risotto without cream

Follow the recipe for the sausage risotto, but instead of adding sausages add asparagus tips (obviously!) two minutes before the rice is “al dente”. To get stronger taste of asparagus and nice green color of risotto, harder parts of asparagus can be vapor cooked for 5 min or even better cooked in vegetable stock, then passed in blender to get a creamy soup. You will need the soup to wet the rice (spoon by spoon!) since during the cooking a lot of liquid gets evaporated. When the rice has “al dente” consistency, add a tablespoon of butter, cover the pan and bring it to the table. Grate some Parmesan before serving it and add few leaves of basil on top for decoration.

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