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2007 Trapan “Ponente” – Istrian Malvasia, a perfect summer wine

by Gogo on March 13, 2009

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Two years ago I took the first level of sommelier course that is organized regularly by the Italian sommelier association here in Trieste. Then, after another two levels, some wine tasting around the world, and hard studying, today I have finally passed the final exam! I am very happy that now I am officially a sommelier, but at the same time I am quite aware that I have only scratched the surface of the vast world of wine.

There was no time to celebrate. A friend of mine, owner of a local web news portal Regional Express, asked me to write a recension of a wine coming from the countryside of Pula. Here is what I wrote.

Every spring Vinistra, the main wine fair in Istria, is impatiently awaited mostly because it is the event where the latest vintages of istrian malvasia have their premiere. Istrian malvasia is undoubtfully greatest star of Vinistra and up to few years ago the best were usually coming from the north of Istria, near the towns of Umag, Buje and Momjan. Thanks to Bruno Trapan, a guy belonging to the new generation of wine makers in Istria, the south of Istria can be proud not only of its world renowned extra virgin olive oils but also of its wines. Here I present an excellent istrian malvasia Ponente 2007 from Trapan’s winery in Pula.

Trapan’s malvasia is a perfect summer wine

The wine presents a straw yellow colour, and good consistence in the glass tells us there is a lot to discover under the skin. Aroma is fresh, green apple and green grass are dominating, with subtle notes of ananas and agrumes. The most appealing is the mineral aroma, that immediately teleports you on a rocky beach, where the waves are strong and the perfume of the sea is in the air. In mouth, the wine is dry and lightly warm, more herbacious than fruity. The first sensation is dominated by refreshing acids, then, when you think that they will prevail and ruin everything, the polyalcohols come into play, equilibrium is regained and nice, almost creamy sensation is formed in the mouth. Then, excellent minerals come to the surface, salivation starts and lasts for seconds, while the taste is harmonically following the bouquet.

This kind of minerality really astonished me since I have not found it in other malvasias I tasted. I really like it a lot, since it is a great example of the terroir of south of Istria where the red soil is more rich in minerals and salts then the northern parts of peninsula. This is understandable if you observe that Pula is surrounded by the sea from the west, south and east, and strong winds are surely bringing some salt to the soil. When the wine is swallowed, the minerals still remain, salivation slowly stops and mixes with elegant bitter finish reminiscent of green almonds.

In conclusion, a crisp, grassy, aromatic and easy to drink wine, of respectable structure capable of supporting even more elaborate dishes. Serve at 8-10˚C. Serve it as aperitif, and pair it with pasta in white and thick sauces, with shrimps, scampi, crabs, mussels and clams, potato moussaka, risotto with funghi, boiled fish (pesce lesso) and fresh unsalted sheep ricotta cheese.
pts 85/100

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Gabriella Belli May 19, 2010 at 22:55

I have tasted a number of Bruno Trapan’s wines and they are all excellent. I would recommend them highly.


TRAPAN October 16, 2010 at 16:15

Bonjour je viens de decouvrir que j’avais des ancetres italiens,moi qui n’ai plus de famille ,meme nom ,meme orthographe.
Je souhaiterais commander 12 bouteilles de vin rosé Malvoisie Trapan. Merci


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