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How to taste olive oil?

by Gogo on November 25, 2009

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Do you know how to properly taste an olive oil on an exhibition? The producers will usually offer you chunks of bread that you should dip in the oil to taste it. This is a completely wrong approach!

In an olive oil tasting avoid bread. Just drink it.

To taste an olive oil avoid dipping bread in it. Instead, pour it in the glass and taste it like a wine.

First, bread has its own aroma and taste that will change the ones from oil. Second, you won’t feel any oil aroma. Olive oil does not release its aroma so easily as wine so it is practically impossible to feel any from a small chunk of bread.

You need to ask that they pour you the oil in a small plastic glass that is always available on the exhibition desk. Then, grab the glass and heat it with your palm while at the same you turn it so that the oil wets the glass walls. If you close the glass with a napkin concentration of aromatic molecules in the glass will get higher. Then, quickly stick your nose in the glass. Now you will be able to feel aroma of the oil. After this, take a sip of the oil and hold in your mouth for a few moments, breathing through your nose. This will help aromas to find their way to your nasal cavity.

What does your tongue detect? Usually the olive oil can be bitter, sweet and pungent (piquant or peppery), and in very rare occasions salty. If it is more bitter, then it is less sweet, and vice versa. How does it flow in your mouth, is it viscous or thin?

You can now swallow the oil and wait for a few seconds. How persistent is the taste? Beware! Some oils are like a clockwork bomb – they are not peppery while they reside in your mouth but they will bite your throat few seconds after the swallowing.

Before you proceed with tasting of another oil, rinse your throat by chewing a chunk of bread or even better take a slice of apple. At the end, take a sip of water.

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Clem December 5, 2009 at 18:45

So basically it’s like drinking olive oil (ok ok small quantites)… I’m not sure I’m ready to do that yet!


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