The question game is one of the most useful (and fun!) language games i know. If the random word contains that alphabet, it will be shown as the output (with correct placement) else the program will ask you to guess another alphabet.

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Below is the python implementation:

Guess the word game questions. This is a fun online guessing game for both kids and adults that challenges the players to guess the common word between the four pictures shown. This game is a great way to practice reading, spelling and review vocabulary all at the same time. These brainteasers provide you with a fun way to engage and test your brain!

People in prison have lost it and want it back. The objective is to get your teammates to guess the answer using only gestures. In this game students read a definition of a word and have to guess what the word is using the letters that appear.

Write the phrases or words to guess slips of paper. (it's also called 20 questions, the yes or no game, or guess what i'm thinking of.) it lets you practice asking and answering questions. I am a noun but i am very important.

This is a straightforward game in which you have to form words that start and end with the same letter as given by the computer. Players may ask any question that can be answered by yes or no. User will be given 12 turns (can be changed accordingly) to guess the complete word.

In each collage are three photos that i took. I begin with the letter 'f'. Choose five words relating to recent conversational themes.

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A) lemons b) flowers c) bananas 2) guess the picture. Guess the word is a fun vocabulary game for young learners and young teens with a level of a2 (basic user) on the cefr. Here is a questions race game that helps students practice asking questions with a variety of question words.

From the given hints in the picture, guess the words or phrases. Chainletter is a very interesting and challenging guess the word game in this list of free word guessing games for pc. Here is a jumbo rebus riddle i got read more →

Are you a singer (dancer, actor)? Check out our popular trivia games like 100 most common english words, and mythical creatures quiz #1 word quizzes quizzes Word games to challenge your logic.

What do they have in common? Example clues (word = freedom): If the person guesses incorrectly and still has questions left, the incorrect guess.

Rebus riddle are fun and challenging to solve. A) tomatoes b) apples c) balloons 3) guess the picture. Just select your level pack and your level and we will show you the answer.

Guess the word trivia game / 25 questions / quiz challenge showall unusual words in the english language, but we bet you haven't seen a lot of them before! A) bread b) cookie c) cheese 5) guess the picture. Play is more fun and proceeds at a steadier pace if the questions are like the following:

A) carrots b) sausages c) hot dogs 4) guess the picture. We have all the latest answers for all game levels! 1,096 different word quizzes on

State your guess as to your identity “who am i?” game questions. The object of this game is to guess the common word i have picked from the collage i have posted. All you have to do is guess the word from the symbols or set of letters, but you have to be smart to get the hints properly.

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It also reminds you of so much that you already know, both the names of things and the categories they fit into. This game is good for more abstract words. In the game, students have ten minutes to ask questions to their partner to elicit as many words as possible from their worksheet.

This online guessing game for kids works on visual memory and challenges them to guess some of the popular logos. Question words guess the word student b a. Welcome to guess the word solution webpage.

Are you a male (female)? Some may be tricky, while others may be so apparent that you might think it’s a trick.beware. With simple search you will find the answers in no time.

Write sets of clues to help students guess the words. Get more specific with your questions. Asked 1 hour ago in guess / riddle/ quiz by 《thunderdragon.

So, if you only needed 15 questions to guess correctly, you'd get one point for your correct guess, and five points for each question you didn't need to ask. A) hamburger b) hot dog c) salad 6) guess the picture. Both teams need to write down common words or phrases on sheets of paper.

What word was i thinking of? Can you guess the word? Having people compete in teams adds to the fun, as the opposing team can come up with the words or phrases to guess.

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