Worst thing to happen in a century. Five nights at freddy s katherine michael afton vampire diaries.

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Suzanne jumped a bit when a snarl suddenly left damon before he practically spat out, fucking twilight.

Vampire diaries gamer fanfiction. If i make mistakes please feel free to correct them i'm not great at grammer and would actually love some criticism. 1h mankind always assumed we were at the top of the food chain, the top dogs we thought, the ultimate form of evolution we gloated. Jeremy, commonly known as jeremy gilbert, is the newest original vampire created in the the season two episode as i lay dying in the rebirth of the originals series.

Matt felt sympathetic for katherine so he decided to rescue her. A former serial killer, a high school student, a vampire's girlfriend, and secretly a vampire slayer. If there is a character that you would like for me to make an imagine/preference for, just send me a message or comment.

“never have i ever vomited over my mum’s shoes twice in one night.”. Nah didn't think it would considering there are only six people you could've heard of me from who it is possible to know of. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.

Elena was fanning herself, as she sat on her porch alongside her aunt jenna. Alice and the rest of the cullens manage to. Damon salvatore he can't speak of me.

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Tv » vampire diaries rated: Vampire diaries fanfiction archive with over 39,664 stories. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the vampire diaries universe.

The forgotten girl (a vampire diaries fanfiction) (completed) clara rosalie salvatore sound familliar. This is a self insert so please expect tons of wish. Don't mess up the story.

Sequel to five nights in mystic falls. I’m looking for a fic where the main oc actually has common sense and a brain instead of going all “uwu” at the sight of damon/klaus/insert any sexy vampire, and naturally and realistically doesn’t immediately warm up to the idea of vampires etc Also not romance centric please, if it does happen it’s secondary and realistic.

Katherine put her head down and decided to avoid everyone’s gazes. Just a few preferences from the vampire diaries and the originals. Stefan, damon, jeremy, matt, enzo, klaus, elijah, kai, marcel, and kol.

This is the first story i've ever written, so dont judge too hard, but if you do i won't care. Prologue, a vampire diaries fanfic | fanfiction. Stefan salvatore he doesn't remember me.

It was a warm summer night in mystic falls, one of the hottest nights of the year. His mate via the soulmate principle is actually confirmed to be klaus and the hybrid accepts this fact. A month after the cullens leave in new moon, alice sees bella being stabbed by an unknown man.

When katherine pierce comes into town, things quickly become complicated. Caroline said, playfully glaring at him as she took a drink muttering a few curses under her breath. Can be an si or oc, i don’t mind, and preferably female.

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Jeremy has taken a rather positive run on being a vampire let alone an original. Vampire diaries crossover fanfiction archive with over 4,544 stories. The worst part is that bella seemed to expect it, and had in fact been arguing with the man over other people in coffins with knives in their chests.

When she and her best friend quinn fabray somehow wind up inside of the show, she comes up with three rules. Original sister (vampire diaries x twilight) 136k 3k 8. Katrina afton is many things.

K+, english, fantasy & tragedy, oc, words: Faith hudson is a big fan of the vampire diaries. They were drinking lemonade and trying to.

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